KPI Dashboard

Our Business Dashboard gives you all the cool information your business needs to properly get moving. Things like, your sales against targets, costs against budget, how many clients you’ve got, how many you need, cost per unit, client conversion rates, where your new clients are actually coming from; almost anything!

We design your Dashboard from scratch, from your Xero and existing CRM Software and provide it either weekly or monthly.

We then discuss the dashboard, together, to see:

  • what areas in your business are problem & how they can be fixed;
  • what’s already good & how it can get even more awesome;
  • where you can save money & how;
  • where you could exploit an opportunity & make more money
  • & loads more!

Here’s what our clients say about our Dashboard Add-on:

“Diverso’s Dashboard service is a godsend! They produce an excellent business dashboard, designed just for us, that shows all the key information we need to see each month. What’s even better is that we then have a Skype meeting at the beginning of each month to discuss the previous months Dashboard and business performance. Using Diverso’s Dashboard service is like having a virtual Financial Director in the business: Someone that can keep an eye on the key figures, bring ideas to the table and help us plan for future growth and success. Every business should have a Diverso Dashboard!”
Tom Perkins, Evolve Websites

“Diverso’s Dashboard gives us a comprehensive overview of all aspects of the business that not only informs key decisions our business makes, but inspires us to grow and succeed.”
Ben Hogbin, Eco Car Care

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