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Spring Budget 2023

22nd March 2023  |  Sean Toomer

The most exciting event of the year just happened for accountants all over the UK; the Spring Budget. Here, we highlight the main changes for small businesses, coming in from 1 April 2023.

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Becoming an Employer

14th July 2022  |  Sean Toomer

Taking on the first member of your team is a massive step for your little business – maybe even bigger than deciding to start it in the first place! Follow these tips to make sure you stand the best chance of getting it right.

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Why Won’t My Bank Feed on Xero Work? A Troubleshooting Guide

23rd May 2022  |  Sean Toomer

If you’re having trouble getting your bank feeds to work on Xero, you’re not alone. A lot of people have been struggling with this issue lately. In this article, we’ll go over some common troubleshooting steps that should help you get your feeds up and running in no time!

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Should I buy a company car?

11th February 2022  |  Sean Toomer

As the Director of your own Limited Company, you might ask yourself; ‘Is it worth me buying a car through the company’?

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Postponed VAT Accounting

26th January 2022  |  Sean Toomer

What’s this new Postponed VAT on Imports that Customs keep telling me about?

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Domestic Reverse Charge VAT

5th March 2021  |  Sean Toomer

What is Domestic Reverse Charge VAT? Does it affect you?

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VAT Deferral Payment Scheme – What you need to know

19th February 2021  |  Sean Toomer

The VAT deferral payment scheme will be live on the 23rd February 2021. Read on for the main points.

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Lockdown #147 – a reminder of what you can claim

5th January 2021  |  Sean Toomer

As we head into another national lockdown, here’s a reminder of what support is available to small businesses.

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An Accountants Christmas

18th December 2020  |  Sean Toomer

A poem by Sean Toomer.

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Besides your Tax Return, what should a good accountant do for you?

14th November 2020  |  Sean Toomer

It’s surprising how many people, even business owners, haven’t got a clue what us accountants do. Sure, most know we work out how much tax you have to pay, and like a good fiddle with a spreadsheet, but what should a good accountant be doing for you?

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