Be a BOSS at Instagram (for your Business) part four

Date: 03/09/20  |  Author: Lisa Gilham
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Social media is a super efficient method of driving traffic to your website.

If you missed part three, check it out here

We went over:

  • Why video content is better than photos
  • Instagram Stories
  • IGTV
  • Instagram Lives
  • When and where to post
  • Talking to People


DM’s - Check your DM’s frequently as some messages will fall into the ‘request’ category if you don’t follow the person back. This could be a great way to make new connections - such as customers, suppliers or partners. 

You can also categorize your DM’s to ‘general’ or ‘primary’ meaning that you can have a better track of your messages - this could help you to prioritise replies.

Support groups

Support groups/chats - support people - build relationships and a good rapport as these people could become partners or customers etc. For example, if you sell weight loss drinks, then join a local group that talks a lot about fitness. If you provide free advice to members, then trust will be generated - ultimately meaning that they’re more likely to trial your products. 

Commenting on posts 

Commenting on posts - if something posted catches your attention and could be perfect content for your target audience/market too, then why not put a funny comment on it - their audience will see it and may want to check out what you’re about.

Reply to comments on your posts, and like them as it boosts engagement, plus you're more likely to be seen by others.

Sharing posts

Sharing posts (don’t just share directly, add your own comments and think what relevance that the post has to your audience). You can share posts to your stories on the likes on Facebook and Instagram - this could potentially take people to your profile. People are likely to do it in return and promote your posts if you do the same for them. Make sure to give others full credit and congratulate them.


Collaborations with other companies are good because it means that you can increase your base of loyal customers (if the other company has a good reputation too). For example, here at Diverso, we are a Gold Partner of Xero - if someone were to look into Xero and it were of interest to them, then they may come across us, as we offer it for free as part of our subscription.

Lots of love from the Dream Team at Diverso


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