Be a BOSS at Instagram (for your Business) part three

Date: 03/09/20  |  Author: Lisa Gilham
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Social media is a super efficient method of driving traffic to your website.

If you missed part two, check it out here.  

We went over:

  • Utilization of hashtags
  • Scheduling software
  • Paid promotion
  • Building relationships 
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Video Content

Video Content

Videos are far more engaging than photos are on Instagram - anyone watching your video for more than 3 seconds counts as a view. This also means that it is easier to measure engagement on videos as you have more of an idea as to whether the audience stopped to consume your content or not. 


On your stories, you can look into your insights - a good way of gauging whether people want to look at the stuff you post. You can see the number of views as well as ‘navigation’ (meaning who exited your story or who went back to look at it). 

You could post 3 or more times per day to your story - morning, afternoon and evening - you can also save your stories to highlights - meaning that they will always be visible on your profile - you can make different highlights for different things - for example, one for events you attend, one for client reviews and another one for showing off products or services that you offer.

IGTV and Instagram Lives

IGTV is a standalone video application by Instagram which allows for longer videos compared to Instagram feeds. While IGTV is available as a standalone app, basic functionality is also available within the Instagram app and website. Be sure to film videos vertically, ask your audience what they want to see, create longer videos - around 3 minutes and be super creative. Try to get them to stick around to the end by keeping it entertaining - maybe mention that there’s a promo code towards the end of the video - this will be sure to keep people interested. 

IGTV and Instagram lives are a good way to post content to Instagram. People prefer to watch videos in this format rather than viewing videos from your profile. The videos can take up the full screen and the audience can skip through the video as they please (on IGTV) - this also means that you have their full attention.

With regards to lives, you could go live on Facebook simultaneously if you were to set up 2 cameras - this is more efficient - you don’t have to do 2 separate videos - also meaning that you can reach more people, on multiple platforms.

Post at appropriate times

Post when your content is most likely to be consumed. For example, podcasts are most likely to be listened to while workers are commuting in their car. Before work, lunch breaks. Likewise, in the evening time is when people tend to unwind and check their phones - lots of social media.

Don't just sell, advise your audience.

Lots of love from the Dream Team at Diverso.


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