Be a BOSS at Instagram (for your business) part uno

Date: 07/08/20  |  Author: Lisa Gilham
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Social media is a super efficient method of driving traffic to your website.

Switch your account into a Professional/Business profile - what perks it gives you and how to do it

Make your account a business profile, it gives you the ability to look at insights, have a contact button so that your audience can contact you in a flash (in a literal touch of a button on your profile) as well as many other cool features.

How to do it

As of August 2020:

  • Go onto your instagram profile. 
  • Click on the burger options (three horizontal lines in the top right hand corner (next to your user name).
  • Click ‘settings’.
  • Click ‘account’.
  • Click ‘ switch to professional account’ then choose whatever options are most suited to you.


Having insights allows you to determine when your audience is most active - which leads to more engagement when you post. The instagram algorithm will catch you (because of the amount of engagement you have) and promote your posts in the explore page - and be kinder to you when you want to promote your posts. It also means that they have a better understanding of who your target audience are - imaging if you partook in paid advertising as soon as you started an account - they wouldn't know who to direct it to.

Some apps like Coschedule allow you to see how well a post may perform due to a number of factors such as length, images, links, emojis, hashtags and time posted etc. They also provide you with times that may be the most appropriate eg between 8 and 11 or 3-7pm.

Insights allow you to break down your demographic (eg what percentage of your audience is what gender), when followers are most active (each day) as well as most active days (if you didn’t want to post every day).

You can check the explore page to find posts similar to those you like. Don’t forget to follow hashtags too as well as utilizing them for yourself. 

Getting your bio right

Get your bio right by telling the audience exactly what you do straight away. This will also help SEO as it means that your profile will come up even if someone searches for the likes of ‘small business mentor’. If you didn’t have such information in your bio, then potential customers won’t come across your profile.

Add in links to websites to drive traffic.

Also, add in automic contact details - you can link emails, directions etc and your audience can access this in a touch of a button.

Boosting engagement 

Utilize carousel posts. They give you the ability to share a mix of up to 10 photos or videos at a single time, that your audience can swipe through. Carousel posts will increase engagement on your posts as people are spending more time looking at your content. Aim for around 8 images in a carousel post (maximum of 10). The first slide should catch the attention of the audience - such as asking a question, making a bold statement or putting a funky image. An image of a half naked woman may get a lot of attention but may not appeal to every audience - especially if you’re selling toys.

Use carousel posts!

Grab your audience's attention. Sate something bold and how it affects them. Then give them a taster of what you can do for them (withhold the best information). In one of the final images, post contact info so they can take action - and get in touch.

DON'T pay for bots as they wreck your engagement and it looks silly if anyone checks who follows you.

Ask your audience engaging questions such as what has more plastic in - the sea or a certain someone’s body.

Why not do some fancy giveaways - you could ask your target audience/market to share your page or tag some friends (acting as a free submission) - is good for your company as it increases brand awareness.

Share other people's content too - they will do the same in return (if they’re nice). It is so important to build a strong and supportive community. You could send someone a gift if they post something really cool - add in a handwritten note and chocolate or whatever.

Active support groups are amazing - they allow you to chat to like minded individuals for advice or whatever, let one another know when you post so that everyone can go and share it or warn them about upcoming events.

Hop onto IGTV, post stories and go live - we’ll go more into this in a future blog. Going live increases your reach as Instagram loves it when people are active.

Consider the size of your image - the taller the image is, the more it will fill up the whole of someone’s screen meaning that they are more likely to stop and look at it - they have no choice. 

Frequency - when should you post (analytics)

Post frequently, and consistently. Algorithms will catch and push you - will be more effective if you decide to promote posts - they know your audience/who to target (as i mentioned previously).

Post daily, maybe 3 or so times per day - depending on when your audience is most active - you can always vary this overtime. Posting frequency can also depend on your business type.

Share your content into relative groups or chat rooms but don't bombard and everyone will get annoyed.

Create a brand across socials

Follow themes - use the same filters, fonts, colours and humour. Be consistant. Why not post staff and videos of the office or production line too - to improve relationships.

Use good quality images, create infographics (people love them) - get the likes of Canva or Adobe Spark to create cool graphics. Follow a theme across all of your media - always use the same colours, filters, stick to a couple of fonts, humour. Don’t be afraid to post staff as well as the office space - people love to build relationships.

Build a brand, don't just have a logo. Increasing brand loyalty will mean that you can charge more. Think of the likes of Nike - it could be just as cheap or expensive as a Primark top but because it has a funky swoosh on it, they can charge £25 per top compared to £10. Even as price fluctuates, customers will remain loyal.

What now?

Check out part 2 here.

Lots of love from the Dream Team at Diverso


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