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Date: 02/10/20  |  Author: Lisa Gilham
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Using Facebook to build your brand reputation.

Build your presence

Build your presence and authority. 

Follow a theme across your social media profiles and on emails etc (basically, stick to certain fonts, colours and filters with everything that you produce digitally). You could put a watermark on photo content such as infographics so that you maintain credit if it’s shared.

Publish evergreen content and repurpose it - why not repost an old image of the team or a ‘salesy’ post in a few weeks time; if it’s always going to be relevant to your audience then you can use it again and again. 

Recycle your content; if you write a blog, turn it into a week long campaign on social media platforms, a Youtube video (maybe use the same audio for a podcast if it’s good enough quality), film a seperate high quality audio clip for a podcast and use what each person says to put it into a script. Guest speakers will attract their audience too - so select someone who has an audience similar to yours - you never know, their audience could become clients of yours too.

Post your campaigns to a variety of social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn - using the same content across platforms. This is important as you can reach more people as not everyone is on the same platforms. Create email listings too to send out reminders or alerts to your loyal customers - for example, if you launch a new service or product, then let them know. If you sell a physical product, then you could offer exclusive discounts to those subscribed to your email updates.

Advise, don't just sell

Create invite-only groups for your most engaged audience members/clients. This could provide them with specific advice or entries into giveaways etc - be sure to give them benefits for being loyal customers.

Advise, don't just sell. Give value and build rapport. Customers can tell if you just want to sell, so go the extra mile and support them with relevant stuff. 

If you sell workout plans, then why not post videos on how to correct your form when working out, give some healthy meal ideas and post blogs or do podcasts on workout science. This would mean that people are more likely to go to you (your company) rather than counterparts - as trust and personal relationships can be built.

Photo and video content

Go live on Facebook and Instagram simultaneously - you could set up Facebook live via webcam on computer and Instagram on your phone. These platforms like it when people go live as it notifies your followers and gets a lot of people live on the apps so may act in your favour if you wish to use paid promotion etc.

Use correct sized photos or videos for each social media profile (editing software helps you to size images correctly, depending on what you want - from Instagram story posts to Facebook Posts or a Slideshow). Taller photos take up more of the screen meaning that they better catch the attention of the audience scrolling through their feed.

Your profile

Set your profile photo as the company logo so that the audience can easily locate you (if they know your logo).

Set your cover photo so that people know what you offer as soon as they get onto the profile. You could have an image of the team or of your product or service. Be sure to have a caption over it so that the audience knows what you offer as soon as they click on the page. Seeing people will create relationships as people like to know who they are dealing with.

Why not put stuff in the events section too - if you have fundraising events etc coming up. Facebook has a variety of areas for posting different things like ‘view shop’ or ‘reviews’ or ‘about’ - so you can put relevant information in each - making it easier for others to navigate and find what they are looking for.


Run Contests. You could suggest that everyone has to share your content and follow your page for a chance to win. Why not give a thank you to your clients and give away some of their stuff too (get it free or discounted) - not only do you promote their product but they would share your content too, which increases exposure.

Always give credit to creators if you share their content - but be sure to write your own caption after checking to make sure that it is relevant to your target audience. (Ask yourself: Why is it relevant to your business? Why should your audience care about it?).

Send someone a gift (like a box of branded chocolates) if they do something cool, they’ll thank you and share it to their profile - building your respect. 

Share posts from your Facebook page on your personal Facebook profile and join relative facebook groups and share your content to it - but don't spam them with bs.

What now?

Get posting on Facebook.

Lots of love from the Dream Team at Diverso


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