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VAT Rate cut to 5% for Hospitality

15th July 2020  |  Sean Toomer

As part of measures to get the economy moving, our lord and saviour Rishi dropped the VAT Rate from 20% to 5% for the hospitality and accommodation industry as of today until January 2021. However, as with most things VAT, it’s not as simple as it sounds!

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Improving your Credit Score

10th July 2020  |  Sean Toomer

Welcome to the one stop FREE shop of some tips to improve your credit score.

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Mini Budget 2020

8th July 2020  |  Sean Toomer

The Chancellor today announced a welcome host of new measures to help further support the struggling hospitality industry and small businesses.

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Why should I start saving into a pension?

6th July 2020  |  Sean Toomer

I’m self-employed what benefit is a pension for me? Being self-employed it is more difficult to start the habit of saving into a pension than employed people. You have no-one to choose the pension scheme, no employer contributions and your income can be quite irregular to begin with. But you should start thinking about saving for your retirement and the quicker you do the better.

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Let’s get back to Business

2nd July 2020  |  Sean Toomer

With the previous rules in place that restricted movement and effectively closed the majority of businesses being slowly lifted, we’ve put together some tips and advice on how to put your business back on play (but with a few changes like being not allowed to play loud music because when people sing, they tend to spit everywhere. You have to sit on different tables if you aren’t family – meaning that you have to shout, but you’re not allowed to shout. Sounds like our PM’s speech all over again – you can go out, but not out out, but stay in unless you have to go out out out out out).

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Receipt Bank & Xero – How to match Bills to your bank transactions

1st July 2020  |  Sean Toomer

If you’re using Receipt Bank and Xero to run your business, this quick post explains how to ‘match’ the Bills you’re entering via Receipt Bank with bank transactions on the bank feed. We’ve written the steps here, so you don’t have to; put that note pad and pen away.

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Receipt Bank & Xero – how to deal with Bills you’ve paid for personally

1st July 2020  |  Sean Toomer

If you’ve uploaded a Bill to your Xero via Receipt Bank, but you paid for it personally (on your personal card, cash etc), here’s how to deal with it.

We’ve written the steps here, so you don’t have to; put that notepad and pen away.

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Free IT support with Ingenio IT

30th June 2020  |  Sean Toomer

Diverso has joined forces with Ingenio IT to give all Diverso clients FREE IT Support.

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IR35 Changes – April 2021

28th June 2020  |  Sean Toomer

Contrary to popular belief, the rules surrounding IR35 are NOT changing. But what is changing, is who is responsible for deciding if your contract is ‘inside’ IR35 (bad) or ‘outside’ the IR35 legislation (good!).

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Top tips for perfecting online meetings

15th June 2020  |  Sean Toomer

Online meetings may be the way forward for the future – so why not learn how to perfect them now?

With the current climate, the world is moving to more online based communication methods. This can be the case for many things – from interviews to client meetings.

We’re here to help you with this.


Here’s some top tips to help your success:

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