Save hours and hours using Receipt Bank

Date: 03/09/19  |  Author: Sean Toomer

How to save hours and hours eash week on your accounts by using the Receipt Bank App.

What is Receipt Bank?

Receipt Bank is an app which you can use on your smart phone or browser. It allows you to take pictures, scan, or email invoices and receipts through the app which will then autopublish into your Xero. Receipt Bank will automatically:

  • Pick up all the key information, including amount, VAT, date, category and much more
  • Push this as a Bill to Xero, along with an image of the receipt or invoice
  • If its set up correctly, will auto-reconcile the payment on your Xero too

This means you now no longer have to spend hours each week entering your receipts and invoices onto your accouting system, and can simply do so with a snap!

Why should you use Receipt Bank?

To save time! and therefore money! But it'll also mean you no longer need to keep copies of your receipts and invoices, as there will be a digital copy stored in Xero and also Receipt Bank. It'll also improve the accuracy of your accounts as it'll mean no more lost receipts.

How do I get Receipt Bank?

If you're a client, you get it for free, included in our monthly fee. Just drop us an email and we'll set it up and sync it to your Xero. If you're not a client, why not? Get in touch today!


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