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Date: 30/10/20  |  Author: Lisa Gilham
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Video content is very important to utilise as small business owners.

Diode Digital recently found that online video is a 600% more effective marketing tool than print and direct mail combined. 

Monitoring engagement

Videos allow you to better monitor engagement - for example, any 3 second watch on insta counts as a view, therefore you know if the audience is sticking around. Compare this to a photo, you don't know how long they’re consuming the content for, or what part that they have taken in. With a video, you can stage what information that your audience sees, using the AIDA theory, meaning you can judge if they got past the initial ‘attention’ grabber and got information such as when the next event or product launch is, to ‘act’ on.

Showing the product/service

Videos allow you to show the product being used and/or provides a better sense of results following use of the product or service (compared to that of photos or written content).

Examples of this could include ‘how easy it is to apply our false eyelashes’ or ‘how our services work’ and/or ‘how to make custom clothing’ (for the clothes example, you could show the process via video montage - sourcing materials, how to make measurements, sewing techniques etc).

Videos can act as a blog because your audience listens to and consumes information rather than reading it. It is a good method of promotion for your business as people will share such valuable information (I know that a lot of people would rather watch a video than read something - including me); it also means that you will build a good rapport, relationships and it’ll make you stand out from the crowd as not everyone creates videos.

Hiring an expert

You could hire a digital marketing apprentice to take care of social media and video content for you; or ask for a frequent client to do videos for you, and provide them with free lessons or products as an incentive. You could always film a lot of content on one occasion and schedule the content to go out over the course of a few months on the likes of Later (social media scheduling software). You can also decide when you want your YouTube video to go out as you’re posting it.

Having good quality content is so important - with regard to lighting, framing and audio etc. Head over to Pulse 8 Media for top tips - we found his smartphone series super useful.


A video section on your website can act similar to a blog - but content is consumed differently. Why not repurpose a blog post into a video, an infographic, a social media campaign and a podcast. Recycling content is so important and it means that it can be consumed by the audience in a method preferable to them. Some may prefer reading while others may want to consume media while commuting to work, so would listen to a podcast. Not only will your content have a greater reach, it will also mean that you can spend more time on keeping clients happy or playing a spot of golf on Friday evening.

If you own an equestrian centre, you could post ‘how to’ videos; such as ‘how to tack up a horse’, ‘what to wear for your first lesson’, ‘anatomy of a horse’ or ‘how to ride a lazy horse’ etc. 

If you own an online beauty store, you could post videos - the likes of ‘how to apply your foundation perfectly’, ‘skin care routine for oily skin’, ‘how often should you wash your hair’ etc.

Team introductions

Video allows businesses to capture a personal-touch/relationships as clients/customers like to see who they are dealing with.

Again, if you work at an equestrian centre, post videos of the riders - riding and socialising - making it seem like a nice place to go. A lot of businesses have a ‘meet the team page’ or ‘meet the horses’ page.

If you own a beauty store, you could have a ‘our team’s best beauty tips’ page or something beauty related that introduces each member of the team. Other video ideas could include ‘blindfolded makeup challenge’, ‘daily makeup routine’ or ‘10 facts about me’ - a fun way to get to know the team.

Team introduction videos. When we started our subscription at Coschedule social media scheduling software, we received a welcome email, which had a video of the team in the offices having fun - really nice to see that you’re supporting a nice company.

Types of video content

When it comes to video, there are many forms on many platforms that it can be created in.

For example:

  • Video podcasts
  • Instagram - reels, videos published to main feed, dark posts (ads), stories
  • Tiktok
  • Youtube - posted to feed or livestream
  • Snapchat - stories
  • Twitter 
  • LinkedIn - feed, recently introduced ‘stories’

Things to note: 

Many watch video via smartphone and we have a shorter attention span nowadays - keep videos under 2 minutes (but it depends on what the video is).

A lot of podcasters have videos that last 45 minutes or so. Then there’s Joe Rogan - his videos can be 3 or so hours long, but it’s still engaging.

See our previous blog about video content on Instagram here

What now?

Why not check out Pulse 8 Media here and get started with putting out video content.

Lots of love from the Dream Team at Diverso.


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