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Date: 22/07/20  |  Author: Lisa Gilham
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Consumer trends have changed - meaning that this era tends to utilize social media a lot more than older generations. This is because it’s super easy, convenient and free (on the most part) to do so.

Businesses failing to go online

It has been evident for previous businesses that failing to go online means that your business won't be quite so successful. Thomas Cook refused to do so and they only kept stores open. Because of a change in consumer behaviour, this left them struggling to keep up with competitors, ultimately driving them out of business.

For the current crisis, (2020 Pandemic) it is inevitable that the use of an online store and online marketing is keeping businesses afloat (as people are unable to visit stores). These changes could alter people’s opinions indefinitely due to fears of further waves or new diseases appearing. On a good note: The elder generation have also had to adapt and get to grips with using the internet & technology, meaning that they can be more independent. My nan is nearly 80 and she has just got FaceBook (legend - feel free to add her, we love you Janet)

Businesses failing to get on socials will ultimately fall behind competitors because their presence and influence isn't quite so good.

Massive market & reach

There are said to be 45 million active social media users in the UK alone (as of 2020) - whether some people have a private account so that their partner’s don't know who they're talking to, or not - you could still reach a huge number of your target audience/market by promoting your brand on such platforms.

Data has shown that social media is the way forward for current businesses to keep up with their competitors. Every business should have an online presence as that is the way forward for increasing brand awareness - ultimately meaning, more money in.

Why Social Media is cool

Social Media is a great method of connecting with your customers, increasing brand awareness, and boosting your leads and sales. 54% of Social Browsers are said to use SM to research products too - get your product out there and get good reviews from having quality products/services and banging customer service.

Building relationships and affiliate marketing

If you post personal content and include yourself in the brand, customers will feel a sense of belonging and tend to build personal relationships with the company as they’ll feel more involved. Use a variety of media to do so: such as YouTube, Podcasts, Snapchat, Instagram and Twitter. You can increase traffic to your website by directing them from Social Media.

You can increase your brand presence by utilising affiliate marketing - meaning that you pay someone with a large, active audience to promote your product - directing their audience base (your target market) to your website. It is said that 49% of consumers claim that influencer recommendations on social media inform their purchasing decisions - possibly because they feel a sense of trust - unless the person does something controversial - so, select your affiliate wisely.


Social Media (SM) platforms provide you with analytics meaning that you can determine the optimum time to post or what keywords to use to help you to target. Target your demographic and be creative with it. For example, select a market of 25-45 year old, new home owners for a robotic hoover - rather than targeting those who want a new hoover - this opens up a completely new market to you. SMs such as FaceBook allow such specified targeting.

Spending more time online - make them scroll across your brand

It is said that, because of the pandemic, adults are now spending a quarter of their day online - so it’s the perfect time to utilize digital marketing. Adults are speeding an astonishing 4 hours per day online compared to 3 hours before the crisis. It’s time that they scrolled across your business on socials.

Always consider your Demographic when going online:

The demographic of your audience can influence your communication method. For example, my Grandad Trevor won't be sliding into a company's Dm's on Instagram. Instead, he might go in store and ask for help or phone up a company from his big yellow book.

Social media is a fairly recent advancement and tends to be used by the younger generation - therefore it's very easy to target them. A lot of trendy clothing manufacturers that offer affordable clothes have a huge presence on Social Media as this is where their market hangs out. A lot of companies use celebrity endorsement or affiliate marketing to promote.

The power of social media marketing - 73% of marketers believe that social media marketing as being ‘somewhat effective’ or ‘very effective’ for their business.

Get your business on Social Media platforms and start posting, it’s free.

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