Writing a Press Release

Date: 03/09/20  |  Author: Lisa Gilham
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Press Releases are used as a cost effective marketing tool in order to get a newsworthy story out into the press.

Journalists love to just copy and paste, so write in a format that makes it easy for them to do so. They will chop out information from the bottom if your article is too long, so keep the most important stuff at the top - including facts and figures. For this reason, always include a word count - the journalist knows how many words they need for a certain column. Normally 450 words is one page of A4.

Provoke emotion and make it newsworthy - why should people care about what you’re saying?

Add in any relevant quotes from people of high authority in the company - that the article is about - and back up what is said by using a quote from satisfied customers.

You must remember to send the journalist a high quality image of the person that the article is about. This photo is supposed to be formal, but depending on the company, it could be more informal if that is the nature of your business (such as us - because we love having fun). Be sure to have a bank of high quality images in case you ever need one. You can also add in an image of the logo to inject a bit of colour.


Press Release: Issued Month Year (a specific date can be used if necessary). 

Word Count: XXX (generally between 350-450).

Title (make it interesting)

  • Tagline (give an overview of what press release is about).


Company name, based in county (E.G. Hampshire), ….. 

State some facts

What makes them newsworthy? - gaining XX amount of clients…  set to continue rapid growth (demonstrates how good the company is).


Name (High Authority Person) said:

  • “Quote” - PR person creates quote for them and gets the person who ‘said’ it to sign it off.


More facts (with high value).


Name (High Authority Person) adds:

  • “Quote” - PR person creates quote for them and gets the person who ‘said’ it to sign it off.


'To find out more about Company see': Website Link

 - Ends - 


'For more information or to arrange an interview, contact PR company (working on behalf of Company) on Phone Number or Email'.

*Add in some quality images* 


We hope that this was helpful to you.

Lots of love from the Dream Team at Diverso.


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