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Date: 30th June 2020  |  Author: Sean Toomer

Diverso has joined forces with Ingenio IT to give all Diverso clients FREE IT Support.

In today’s technology orientated world, most business owners are savvy enough to get by. But what happens when you can’t seem to share your printer across your network, no matter how much you fiddle with the settings? Or you can’t seem to get your laptop to behave, no matter how many times you turn it off and on again, or how many times you hit it with a hammer (not recommended). Or perhaps it’s a bigger problem, and you need proper IT advice from a professional that can steer you in the right direction. That’s where Ingenio IT comes in to help Diverso clients.

Who are Ingenio IT?

Ingenio IT are a leading provider of IT support, sales, and solutions for companies based in Dorset, Hampshire and beyond.

Different from the rest and proud to be a team of problem solvers, they thrive on finding ways for small businesses to overcome even the smallest of IT issues. They’re not about a ready made prescribed solution; instead tailoring it to the needs of the users and the business, whilst keeping the costs sensible, to make sure their IT works for them.

It doesn’t matter if you are looking for just a replacement monitor or on the flip side, you’d like them to come in and install a VoIP phone system together with new desktops and laptops. They ensure that through having the best people, they can deliver the best customer experience – satisfaction is key and they are here to ensure that is paramount.

What do Diverso clients get?

We’re always looking for ways we can improve our service offering and help our clients. Our clients talk to us about lots of different issues within their businesses, and one which comes up again and again is IT troubles. We’ve been looking for a provider we can team up with to provide our clients with the help and support they need on tap for life’s little technological woes.

Our partnership with Ingenio IT means our clients can get in touch with Ingenio if they get stuck on an IT issue, or would like some advice to explore the best options in terms of set up, hardware and software, and how best to make IT work for their business. The initial guidance and any quick fixes is completely free for Diverso’s clients. But, what’s better, if more work is involved, Diverso Clients will benefit from a discounted fee across all of Ingenio’s services.

What do I do if I have an IT issue?

As you would normally, get in touch with us. We’ll first explore the issue and give our input. If it’s right, we’ll then refer you to Ingenio IT to assist with your problem.

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