How your Employees SHOULD be making you money

Date: 17th March 2013  |  Author: Sean Toomer

You’re Employee’s are everything to your business. Treat them right and you’ll make a bomb. Treat them bad, they’ll destroy you.

If you’re paying your employee’s a basic salary or hourly rate; you’re probably doing it wrong.
Your Business is your baby, you made it, and it your Employee’s are your grandchildren and you should treat them both with those descriptions in mind.

When I started my business, I wanted to create, categorically, without doubt, the absolute most awesome environment to work, not for me, but for the employee’s who work here.
I never want them to leave. I want them to be as much a part of Diverso as I am.
But at the same time, I can’t just afford to spoil them; give them everything and not get anything in return. It’s not just rewards they need, but nurture and education too.

A lot of our clients started their own business because they were an employee, doing the same thing they now do in their business, for someone else. But they didn’t like doing it for someone else. Why?

  • They weren’t paid enough
  • Weren’t given enough respect, gratitude, responsibility, recognition etc.
  • Too much was expected of them
  • They got bored

But, when these guys leave, and start their own business, they treat their employees in the exact same way.

Most jobs are paid a basic wage. You come here and do this and we’ll pay you this. If you’re lucky, you may get some kind of bonus thrown in.

If you don’t do what you’re asked, you get told off, disciplined in some way or thrown out (just like parenting).

It should never be the case that you don’t do what you’re asked. That is not the failure of an Employee. It’s the failure of the business in not being clear what is being asked of and what employees will get out of it. Simple.

At Diverso, all our employees are paid a basic salary (including me) and no more. If our employee’s wanted to earn more, they earn it by winning and keeping clients. That’s how our business makes money. Winning and keeping clients. So that’s how our employee’s earn money. No working hours, no dress code, hardly any rules.

If an employee dresses like a tramp, they may not win clients and won’t earn more money. If they don’t come to work, they won’t keep the clients happy and won’t earn any money.

It’s amazing how awesome some people can be if you let them do what they want.

There are two types of Employee’s:

  • Those who come to work to earn money and go home
  • Those who see the bigger picture.

It’s down to you (mostly) which one your employee’s are.

Imagine a hair salon. It’s easy to assume that they make money by cutting hair, and cutting it so well, the clients return. The employees of a hair salon should then be paid based on keeping the clientele happy and returning.
But it can’t stop there. A person could cut hair to a most incredible standard – but be an absolute prick.
Imagine getting your hair cut and your hairdresser doesn’t ask about your husband, wife, children etc. but tells you you’re fat?
They don’t ask about your work, but tell you you’re ugly?
They don’t ask where you’re holidaying this year, but tell you that you stink?
You could leave with the best looking hair, but be emotionally scared.

My job (as the owner) is simply to give the employee’s training and guidance at how to win and keep clients better, so they make more money for themselves and for me.

If you create categorically, without doubt, the absolute most awesome environment to work in like this for your employees, why would they ever want to leave?

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