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Date: 2nd July 2020  |  Author: Sean Toomer

With the previous rules in place that restricted movement and effectively closed the majority of businesses being slowly lifted, we’ve put together some tips and advice on how to put your business back on play (but with a few changes like being not allowed to play loud music because when people sing, they tend to spit everywhere. You have to sit on different tables if you aren’t family – meaning that you have to shout, but you’re not allowed to shout. Sounds like our PM’s speech all over again – you can go out, but not out out, but stay in unless you have to go out out out out out).

If you haven’t seen it check out our previous blog on Putting your Business on pause
So, what do you need to do to get your business back to ‘play’.


(I know you’ve heard it 4,137.5 times before, but it has to be in place)

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is essential for some businesses whose staff operates within a close proximity. This is especially the case with the 2m rule being reduced to 1m distancing as of 4th july 2020.

Make sure you have safety measures in place to protect you, your staff as well as your lovely customers. Offering free PPE to visitors and having precautions in place such as screens will improve customer confidence which is good for business as they’re more likely to visit you. As business owners, it is important that you implement the track and trace scheme meaning that you take details of anyone in the premises so that you can report back if anyone were to begin showing symptoms.

Nightingale PPE

Nightingale PPE is a local PPE provider (operating out of an established locations in Romsey) offering good quality protection at good prices – including face masks, aprons, gloves, antibacterial wipes and hand sanitizer. Compared to other companies who skyrocketed their prices, they have not done so – in fact, they even lowered their prices. They offer great customer service too – something very important to us also. Not to mention that they have been doing multiple same day deliveries to local residents. Amazing company, offering amazing services. Keep doing what you’re doing Nightingale PPE.

We’ve asked Nightingale PPE to come up with some ‘back-to-business’ special packages to help our small business clients, which you can get by clicking here.

Getting cash flow back to (a somewhat) normal

Most businesses should be experiencing an increase in income from the 4th July if they’re allowed to open. However, no one will be able to run at full capacity as of yet because of the distancing measures in place.

According to the Government website, the Hospitality Sector could make only 30% of pre-pandemic revenues with 2m distancing rules in place, as opposed to 60-75% at 1m. As long as everyone is sensible and doesn’t go around licking windows then hopefully this is the case.

Try to keep your expenses as low as possible as it is uncertain whether there will be a second wave – causing businesses to have to close up shop yet again – not good for anyone.

If you haven’t already, get Fluidly, and map out what your likely income/outgoings are going to be over the next few months. If you’ve never done cash flow projections before, this could literally be the most crucial time to start. We have free training sessions on Fluidly soon, click here to book on.


If possible, then work from home. If not, you can stagger (not home from the pub), but stagger  the time that your staff are working, make them part time or move staff further apart (some people won’t be complaining about it if they’re working with a Karen 😉 ).

With regards to Furloughing staff, as of the 1st July,  there is the introduction of flexible furlough – meaning you could be furloughed one day and working the next. This will make it much easier to bring staff back part time, and cover the part of their salary under furlough until you’re back to full trade capacity.

Check out our Flexible Furlough Scheme Rules blog for more information.

Take it easy

Finally, take it easy – don’t over do yourself. It’s going to be tough going from sat on the sofa watching Netflix to full pelt back at work. We are here for our clients and we provide unlimited advice and support to them. We may not be able to train you to get abs in 6 weeks, but we can guide you in the right direction with regards to your business.

Where you may not be quite so busy as before, you could use this time to renovate your premises and/or plan for the future – thinking about future product releases or additional services you could provide..

What now?

Let’s get down to business! But take it easy.

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