Our Mission

Our mission, or why Diverso exists is simple; to change the world for as many people as possible. We know this sounds somewhat audacious, but hear us out.

We’re in it for the little guys; the small business owners who are largely ignored and/or ripped off by the traditional firms chasing big fees; the employees who are not paid enough, not treated right, and are not given the opportunity to be awesome.

We want to change the world for each and every client, employee, and their families who touch us.

We do this with our unique model; our simple, fully unlimited monthly subscription which is very fairly priced and gives small business owners the support they need to kick-ass. We want small businesses to no longer be a statistic that won’t be there within a year or two.

We want to help give them the tools and knowledge they need to not just survive, but thrive. With our training, workshops, unlimited advice, and support on all matters small business and use of technology we help make this happen.

We help employees flourish with our unique bonus structure which pushes our employees (and franchisees) to be the very best they can be. We give unlimited holiday, no working hours, and no dress code because if we treat our people like adults, and provide them with an environment that encourages greatness, we know we’ll be pleasantly surprised with what they can achieve.

Our ethos of changing the world is embedded in everything, everything we do.

Are you ready to come and change the world with us?

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