Postponed VAT Accounting

26th January 2022  |  Sean Toomer

What’s this new Postponed VAT on Imports that Customs keep telling me about?

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Domestic Reverse Charge VAT

5th March 2021  |  Sean Toomer

What is Domestic Reverse Charge VAT? Does it affect you?

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VAT Deferral Payment Scheme – What you need to know

19th February 2021  |  Sean Toomer

The VAT deferral payment scheme will be live on the 23rd February 2021. Read on for the main points.

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VAT Rate cut to 5% for Hospitality

15th July 2020  |  Sean Toomer

As part of measures to get the economy moving, our lord and saviour Rishi dropped the VAT Rate from 20% to 5% for the hospitality and accommodation industry as of today until January 2021. However, as with most things VAT, it’s not as simple as it sounds!

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Should I register for VAT?

4th November 2019  |  Sean Toomer

VAT can be tricky for small businesses and is often met with a negative view. However, there can be benefits to a small business registering for VAT if done correctly.

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Changes to the VAT Flat Rate Scheme from 1st April 2017

9th March 2017  |  Sean Toomer

There’s a change to the VAT Flat Rate Scheme which will affect many businesses using the scheme and could potentially cost them thousands in additional VAT per annum.

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