CoSchedule is a cloud-based tech app that allows you to plan posts in advance on a variety of social media platforms and it then posts them automatically on a specified date and time. It can also give you a ton of analytical data and insights.


What’s good about it?

  • Coschedule can save both time and effort as you can schedule posts all at once rather than having to keep writing into documents and then have to copy and paste it across onto platforms and then have to add in images again – you also don’t know what the post will look like from doing it this way, or how it may perform.
  • Can also plan entire projects and marketing calendars, to give you the full scope of your marketing plans.
  • Helps build your audience with powerful, cross-platform insights
  • Real-time blog & social calendar
  • Integrations with lots of other popular tech (such as WordPress)
  • Share Calendars across your team

What does Diverso say?

Overall, we would highly recommend CoSchedule for planning your entire marketing, or just social media. It does a great job of getting your marketing in order.

Check it out here.

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