What's good about it?

  • Can be used as a complete point of sale app for small businesses
  • Phenomenal Xero integration
  • Get paid much faster
  • Works perfectly with both retail and web based businesses
  • Simple per transaction fee
  • No contract
  • Money hits your account 1-2 working days after it’s collected
  • Can obtain finance with repayments deducted from your iZettle sales
  • Used by big and small businesses

What does Diverso say?

iZettle were on of the first apps to hit the scene which made it cheap and effective for your small local shop to accept card payments - no more ‘Cash Only’ signs! The Xero Integration with iZettle is what sets it apart from other card payment providers. In our opinion, it’s also the best solution for retail businesses.

If you’re interested in iZettle, get in touch today. We have an exclusive partnership with iZettle, which will make the set up process for you smoother and the ongoing fees cheaper.

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