Soldo is a cash-loaded card that allows your employees to purchase items for the business and then automatically pushes the data into your accountancy system.


What’s good about it?

  • Full control over employees expenses, including spending limits, top-ups, and banned venues/shops
  • Allows employees to snap a photo of the receipt and automatically upload it to your accountancy system
  • Give employees more freedom over their expenses
  • No more complicated employee expenses forms, and no more payroll payments to cover expenses

What does Diverso say?

We’ve been waiting for an app like Soldo for years. A great way to not only control employee spend, with automatic tops ups, spending limits, and full itemized breakdowns per employee, but a slick way to operate the entire employee spend process to save time and money.

If you’re interested in Soldo, get in touch today. We have an exclusive partnership with Soldo, which will make the setup process for you smoother and the fees cheaper.

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