The Secret Knowledge

Date: 17th March 2013  |  Author: Sean Toomer

Wherever I look, I see adverts, on Facebook, Google, via E-mail, post, all over the place, for so called Sales Gurus and Marketing Experts who brag about a new found idea that’s changing businesses overnight, increasing sales by a trillion percent or some crap (you must have seen them).

I came across a reference to a blog post via my pal, James Steele. I can’t remember whom (maybe James will be so kind as to comment the credit where due), but it was about a term I’d never heard, Gnosticism, in Health & Fitness.

Gnosticism comes from the Greek ‘gnosis’ which means knowledge. Many Religions are said to be Gnostic or practice Gnosticism.

This is because these religions believe there is a special, hidden knowledge only known to a few.

Focus on the last sentence and read it again; that’s the important bit.


And it’s mostly the business owners fault.


Because their business isn’t working, their marketing efforts aren’t bringing the returns they want/expect and they aren’t making money.
They get it in their head that their marketing is wrong, that they are ignorant of some special secret knowledge of how to sell more.
So they go looking for it, and think they find it… but they actually only find bullshit.

Bullshit like:

Multi Level Marketing Schemes – which are really only Pyramid Schemes, disguised otherwise and aren’t actually illegal, just immoral. Immoral because they do have a product/service they sell; it’s just a crap product.

Entrepreneurs Circle – or Profit Circle, or I’m Going To Get Silly Rich With No Effort At All Circle or some other exciting name. Which are only apparent Sales Gurus who have built & sold million pound businesses and now, for completely selfless reasons want to pass on their secret knowledge, to you, their best friend, who has stumbled across them on the internet and actually have no idea who you are.

There is no hidden secret only 2 people in the world know. There is no fountain of knowledge. There is no Sales God. These guys are only in business and making money out of others ignorance (you can’t blame them).

It’s the same for many legitimate Marketing companies too. Businesses turn to these through desperation because their sales aren’t high enough; they aren’t winning new business etc. Rather than improve their business, they’d rather spend silly money on a crappy marketing project/scheme they hope will turn their business around.

Whatever happened to creating a product/service that is so awesome, so original, so incredibly remarkable, that marketing is easy, and almost takes care of itself?

Fuck the Bullshit; Be Remarkable.

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