Recession? What Recession?!

Date: 21/09/12  |  Author: Sean Toomer

People make money when times are good. People make money when times are bad. The Recession is an excuse for the weak.

I started watching Mad Men the other day on a recommendation from a mate. One of the first episodes was an advertising pitch to a tobacco company. This was at the time when it just became apparent that smoking is not cool and is bad for your health etc. even though ad agencies had been advertising to the contrary previously.

This posed a problem to hero Don Draper because he was going into the unknown; the market had changed and he had no idea how he was supposed to market tobacco products given the negative reception they now received.

This got me thinking of this recession thing people talk about. How many conversations have you had with people and they mention one of the following:

  • It’s all like that nowadays though
  • There’s not a lot on for anyone at the moment
  • People don’t have any money to spend on this stuff anymore


People make money when times are good. People make money when times are bad. The Recession is an excuse for the weak.

Being in Business you should be versatile and evolve to your surroundings to meet the needs of your market. If you’re not doing that, it’s not the recessions fault. Some people are too afraid to take responsibility for things they’ve done or (more likely in this case) things they have not done. It’s all too easy to jump on and blame something seemingly out of one’s control.

I started my business at the peak of the recession. It was awesome.
There’s loads of tax breaks (AIA, SEIE etc) to help businesses and, in my personal opinion, people choose what they buy, or the service they use much more carefully, because of the hard times. If anything, it’s easier to stick out as being awesome, as being the best, the cheapest or whatever you stick out for.

Wake up, be a Bad Ass, and refuse to be sucked in by what other people tell you. The Recession is good news; use it to your businesses advantage. Just like Don Draper.


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