Who would be my point of contact?

As a client, you’ll be appointed one member of our team who will be your accountant, and main point of contact, which will look after you day to day, answer any questions you may have and be responsible for your end of year accounts. You’ll also have access to the rest of the team, should you want/need it.

What kind of support is included in the ‘Unlimited Support’ part of the service?

Within reason, absolutely anything! Anything business related, be it a Mortgage Application, Business Rates, Rent Reviews, Cash Flow Forecast, Capital Gains Tax Advice, Marketing, Staff Issues – we have experience with most things business related – use us as part of your team.

Do I need to be based locally?

No. Some of our clients we’ve never met face to face. We embrace technology and the web completely and run with a lot of clients over e-mail, phone & Skype entirely.

I already have an accountant. Is it easy to switch to you?

Yes, because we do it all for you. All you need to do is tell them you’re switching to us. We then contact them for all your business/tax details we require.

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