We have built a platform that allows content providers to engage their users socially based on the content they are engaged with. This happens on the content providers website before the content gets pushed to other social networks. This gives the content provider the benefit of having more engagement on their site and also the benefit of having their content shared on social networks.

Diverso in three words:

1. Helpful
2. Fun
3. Unique

What have Diverso done for us?

Diverso have been amazing to us. There isn’t a person in our company that has a clue about tax, payroll or anything remotely finance related. Diverso took all of that stress and hassle away from us and allowed us to focus on what is really important, our business.

Advice for people thinking of using Diverso?

If you are like our company and find accountants be out of touch with your needs, or you just find them boring. Give Diverso a try. They do things differently and will surprise the crap out of you! They make our lives easier. And at the end of the day, isn’t that what accountants are for?

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